Tax Attorney

A tax attorney is a lawyer that specializes in tax law. A tax attorney helps clients when they are confronted with complex, technical, and legal issues relating to tax. Besides, a tax attorney provides guidance that can help to save a lot of money in the filing of taxes. He has an in-depth understanding of all the applicable deductions allowed by tax law.

A tax attorney assists in making crucial decisions about the position of the law concerning itemizing items in the standard deduction, which can be tricky. In certain situations when the IRS sends an audit notice, a tax attorney can help to resolve the issue by advocating in a tax court against an invalid claim.

How a Tax Attorney Helps

A tax attorney helps clients in various ways. Dealing with the IRS, especially when served a notice of audit, can be confusing and stressful. Having handled several cases involving the IRS, a tax attorney assists clients to resolve the situation by helping to clear the misunderstanding in the facts contained in the submitted tax return.

Other ways that a tax attorney can help clients include but not limited to:

1. Filing an appeal regarding the decision of a tax court about their clients

2. Communicating with IRS officially on behalf of their clients

3. Helping clients to save money by applying relevant deductions allowed by the tax law

4. Helping clients to take advantage of tax credits

5. Representing clients in domestic or foreign tax-related matters

6. Handling the complexities and difficulties involved in tax preparation

7. Negotiating with the IRS to protect clients’ properties against forfeiture.

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